Do you ever have a hard time keeping track of what people on your gift giving list want for Christmas? Having a list of what your holiday gift list recipients want is a good way to save money. Instead of just randomly shopping, a list of wants and/or needs will help you buy gifts that are in your price range.

You can set a specified spending amount for each person’s gift, and then match list items to that dollar amount. However, keeping track of each recipient’s wants can be tedious.

Enter: The Free Christmas Gift Planner Printable. A Christmas gift planner is a great way to centralize all the information you need for your holiday shopping. I have several nieces and nephews, and kids of my own to shop for too. It can be tough to keep track of what their interests are at a given time.

And sizes? I can barely remember my kids’ sizes, let alone anyone else on my shopping list!

You can use this planner to prep for Christmas and keep track of gifts all year long!

Christmas Gift Planner

This is where the Christmas Gift Planner printable can help me shop efficiently and save money at the same time. Here’s how it works. I start by printing out the form from the link below.

Before the holidays get underway, I get in touch with everyone. I get updates on any special wishes, what their current interests are, and clothing sizes. Where my kids are concerned, I print the gift planner sheet out in January and keep it in my home organization folder.

When the kids mention things they want throughout the year, I use the printable to write that down. The list may change as the year goes on, or it may not.

For instance, one of the kids might love a certain music group in January. When I start shopping in the fall, I check (subtly) to see if they still like said group. If they do, I can buy music or merchandise representing that group for Christmas.

You can use this Christmas gift planner printable to keep track what the kids or adults in your life want or need for Christmas. I’ve also got spots for ages of kids and sizes of clothes for each person. That way you know sizes if you’re shopping for clothing for Christmas.

Plus, there’s an area for you to jot down any gift ideas you think of as well. This printable is attractive but simple, so you won’t have to waste too much ink when you print it out.

My free printables typically have some color on them, but if you want to you can print them in black and white. Here’s what the Holiday/Christmas Gift Planner Printable looks like. Note that you can use it for birthdays as well! 



Click here to download the Christmas gift planner.

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Using a gift giving printable can save you time and money as you shop for gifts. Have you ever used this printable or a similar one? Or do you have another way you keep track of gift recipients’ wants, needs and sizes?

What do you think of the Christmas Gift Giving Printable or the other free printables we share? Do you think they’re helpful? How can we improve upon them?

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