Shopping can be stressful. But knowing where to get free samples can help. There are so many brands and products to choose from.

As a result, you might be afraid to spend your hard-earned money if you’re you’re unsure about a product.  So companies offer free samples to help make your choice easier.

Free samples can help you discover new products and decide if they’re better than the brands you already buy. After all, you work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it by buying something you can’t exchange for a refund.

Ask These Companies for Free Samples

One way to find free samples is to visit your local grocery stores on the weekend. Think about how many of your friends come hungry when browsing Costco.

But you might have more opportunities to get free samples online. In many cases, you will need to join a company’s loyalty program to request a free sample.

Also, some companies only provide samples through third-party partners. They send you a sample to test in exchange for your feedback.

In some cases, you will get a sample that’s 100% free, and the company pays all shipping costs.

Other brands offer semi-free samples. In these cases, the sample is free, but you pay shipping costs. Many companies charge around $5.

While they aren’t truly free, these “paid samples” tend to be full-size products and are still a lot cheaper than paying retail for the same item.

1. Jobs2Shop

When you’re not exactly sure what you want to try for free, Jobs2Shop can be a good starting point.

What makes Jobs2Shop unique is that you get paid to ask for free samples and complete other activities. Once your balance reaches $25, you can request PayPal payment.

You have the chance to receive free samples for physical products like groceries and dietary supplements. Or you can request digital products such as phone apps, games, or insurance quotes.

Jobs2Shop also offers paid samples. Although you spend a few dollars to get the sample, you usually get larger product samples at a steep discount.

When you’re not requesting samples, you can also earn rewards points by mystery shopping and taking online surveys.

They have a referral program as well. They’ll pay you $5 for each person you refer who signs up and uses the program.

2. L’Oreal

Joining the L’Oreal Worth It Rewards loyalty program lets you enjoy free product samplings. You will also earn rewards points by buying L’Oreal products and scanning your receipt.

Your loyalty can help you get deluxe samples and extra coupons that casual shoppers don’t receive. Just sign up to receive emails at the bottom of the L’Oreal home page to join.

3. Olay

When you join Club Olay, you can get a free sample of certain Olay products. Being a Club Olay member also gives you the chance to receive exclusive offers and news.

You’ll earn points for every purchase you make. You can use those points to get credits toward future product purchases.

4. Johnson & Johnson

Through the Johnson & Johnson Friends & Neighbors program, you might be able to get samples from the following brands:

  • Aveeno
  • Band-Aid
  • Motrin
  • Neutrogena

Expect to provide feedback after testing the products. For your time, Johnson & Johnson will give extra compensation. What you earn as a “thank you reward” depends on the product you sample.

This is a great way to get free samples of Johnson & Johnson products. Plus, you can have an influence on product development or changes.

5. Daily Goodie Box

For full-size samples, try Daily Goodie Box. They partner with many brands and mail you a themed box for free. After testing the products, you provide feedback about what you like and dislike.

While you might be able to join a brand loyalty program, many large companies now partner with sample box companies to save costs.

But there is one catch to this strategy. You have to provide feedback if they send you a product. When you join this program, you never pay for shipping or anything else.

They never even ask you for a credit card number.

6. BzzAgent

Some of the largest companies partner with BzzAgent to offer free product samples via their BzzKit. You sign up for the BzzKit, and they’ll send it in the mail. In exchange, you provide feedback about your experience on social media.

Joining BzzAgent gives you access to these companies:

  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Unilever
  • Hershey’s
  • L’Oreal
  • Purina

When joining, you tell BzzAgent your interests, and they match you with relevant samples. If you don’t participate on social media platforms, this might not be the best way to request product samples.


For parent and child-related samples and discounts, you can create an account at As a “Mom Tester,” you or your child can test some of these products:

  • Toys and games
  • Books, DVDs and video games
  • Bath products
  • Health and beauty items

From the mundane to the exciting, you have the chance to test products from different companies. This is a great way for parents of kids 18 and under to get free samples.

8. Enfamil

If you’re getting ready to have a baby, Enfamil will send you free samples and coupons. Altogether the entire package is worth up to $400 which makes this one of the most valuable samples you can request.

Along with your sample package, you’re entered into a drawing to win free formula for up to a year.

Baby formula isn’t cheap, so this package is worth a look if you plan on using Enfamil products.

9. Similac

Joining Similac Strong Moms lets you get free Similac product samples and coupons. Like Enfamil, this package is worth up to $400.

As the same parent company owns Similac and Pampers, you can also join the Pampers Club to enjoy savings on diapers. But Pampers doesn’t offer free samples at this time.

Either way, it’s great to get coupons and discounts on both brands of products.

10. Gerber

You can also request infant formula samples from Gerber. And as your child grows older, Gerber will send you coupons and offers. That way, you will continue to save on other Gerber and Nestle products.

Bonus: Gerber is in the process of designing subscription boxes for members. This is a box of selected Gerber baby products for parents to try out.

Keep an eye on the Gerber website for more information.

11. Nestle Baby

For Canadian moms, Nestle Baby will send you free baby formula samples by joining the Nestle Baby Club. You will also receive coupons that help you save up to $130 on future purchases.

According to the Nestle website, you’ll receive “tons” of free samples when you sign up. But remember, this is for Canadian residents only.

If you live in the United States, request samples from Gerber.

12. Dove

You might receive free Dove health and beauty products when you sign up for their newsletter. When joining, you can select which products interest you the most:

  • Dove
  • Men+Care
  • Baby Dove
  • Dove DermaSeries

Also, you can receive a discount on other Unilever products in addition to saving money on your Dove brand purchases.

13. Garnier

If you strive to use more natural hair products, Garnier is offering free samples of their various hair care products.

When you request the free sample, you will also receive news and promotions about future Garnier products that can save you money.

The coupons and promotional deals that Garnier sends are tailored to the types Garnier products you like and may use the most.

14. Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker might be a staple brand in your pantry. But you will need to join their rewards program to get free samples.

Plus, you can print free weekly coupons for various grocery products from Betty Crocker and its parent company, General Mills.

If you need cooking ideas, Betty Crocker is also full of free recipes. Some of our families favorite recipes come from my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook.

15. McCormick

As a McCormick Consumer Tester, you can test various spices and seasonings. You might have the best chances of getting samples if you live in the greater Baltimore, MD or New Orleans, LA areas.

That’s where their testing centers are located. And you can get paid for in-person testing.

If you live in the continental United States, you can also apply for the national home testing program. With this program, they’ll send samples right to your door.

16. Snuggle

If you use Snuggle laundry products, you can join their Bear Den loyalty program to test new products. You can also enjoy special offers to save money on future Snuggle purchases.

17. Brillo

Joining the Brillo mailing list gives you the chance to get coupons and free samples for various cleaning products. You can also see any current promotion by clicking the “Offers” button on their website.

18. Clorox

If you own a cleaning business, you can request free Clorox samples through the CloroxPro site.

Maybe you want to try some of Clorox’s specialty products different than the household bleach you can buy in the grocery aisle. If so, this a good way to test them out first.

19. Marie Claire

If you’re familiar with the Marie Claire magazine, their free Velvet Rope Club gives you the chance to test and review new beauty products.

You also have the chance to enjoy other member benefits like special offers and sweepstakes events.

22. MakeUp Eraser

This one-time MakeUp Eraser sample, lets you test their product before getting a reusable makeup removal cloth. To get your free sample, you only have to link your Instagram account to MakeUp Eraser.

21. Minute Rice

If Minute Rice is one of your favorite brands, joining their Recipe Club lets you enjoy exclusive offers. To get the most available free samples, check the “in-home product placement” box when joining the club.

Otherwise, you may only receive occasional coupons to save money on future purchases.

22. Kroger

If you live near a Kroger grocery store, you might wait to buy groceries on Friday. Each Friday, you can take advantage of their free Friday offer.

So check your Kroger app on Friday to see what freebie you can get in the store.

And don’t forget to active the Kroger in-app coupons to save some extra cash when the cashier scans your Kroger Plus card.

23. Safeway

Joining the Safeway Just for U loyalty program lets you enjoy free samples too. Within the app, you can also save up to $300 in weekly coupons and deals.

Like other grocery apps, you can earn gas rewards that help you get cheap gas.


If you homeschool, lets parents become product testers. You can test these free products:

  • Books
  • Kits
  • Special Reports

Since doesn’t create products, you can test products from different developers.

25. Texas Mills Dog Food

Texas Mills sends you a free sample of dog food. You only have to submit your mailing address and dog’s name to receive your sample.

26. Petco Pals Rewards

Once a year, your pet can receive a free treat on their birthday at Petco. You will need to join their free Pals Rewards program.

It’s not your typical free sample, but it’s a guaranteed freebie. Membership also yields product discounts and rewards points to save on future purchases.

Plus being a member can produce free samples in the future at Petco.

27. PetSmart Treats Program

PetSmart is another pet company with a rewards program that gives free samples. When you sign up for the free PetSmart Treats program, you’ll get:

  • exclusive deals and discounts
  • a free surprise on your pet’s birthday
  • a free Doggie daycamp session when you purchase 10
  • points on every purchase that will earn you discounts on purchases

Pets can get expensive, so it’s nice to take advantage of discount programs like this one that offer freebies and money savings.

28. Pinecone Research

You can also try joining Pinecone Research to test free products. However, product samples aren’t guaranteed since It is an online survey site.

But even if free samples aren’t available right now, you can still make money by completing survey invitations.

29. Amazon

Amazon might randomly choose to send you a sample. These samples are free but are only available by invite-only.

If you shop regularly on Amazon, they might recommend products similar to what you already buy.

What makes Amazon samples nice is that you don’t need to be a Prime member to qualify.

Until Amazon surprises you with a free sample, don’t forget you can find free Kindle books.

Some of these books might be the first book in a series, a workbook or only the first few chapters. Then if you like what you read, you can buy the full book or the rest of the series.

Also, don’t forget that Amazon offers several free trial programs like Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited and Audible.

Almost-Free Samples

This bank of samples requires you to pay shipping costs. While you might get 100% free samples from some of these companies, plan on spending at least $1 to receive your sample box.

30. Walmart

As the nation’s largest physical retailer, Walmart offers samples for a variety of grocery and household items. The best starting point is downloading the Walmart mobile app.

Inside the app, you will see if any free samples are currently available. Or if there are promotions for the products you already use.

Although you have to pay $5 in shipping fees, Walmart also offers these curated sample boxes:

  • Baby Box: Items for Preborn, Newborn and Toddler
  • Beauty Box: One new box for each of the four seasons

Each box you request costs $5 to ship. So if you request all three baby box samples, you will pay $15 in shipping fees.

As Walmart releases a new beauty box each season, you will pay $20 if you request one each season.

31. Target

You most likely won’t find free samples at Target, but you can find themed sample boxes for $5 or less.

Like Walmart, you can request $5 beauty boxes that include products from multiple brands. However, another option is finding brand-specific sampler boxes.

The quickest way to find sample boxes is by typing “sample” into the Target search bar. Also, downloading their Cartwheel app can provide app-specific offers to save more money.

Although the offers change, you might get free samples by creating a baby or wedding registry at Target.

Another promotion they sometimes give when joining special programs is free shipping. It’s not a free sample, but you can still save money on Target purchases.

32. Advil

On the Advil website, you can download coupons to save up to $3 on select products. These coupons help you save money on the regular Advil pills and the specialty products including Advil Migraine or Advil Liqui-Gels.

33. Allure

You can request a product sample box of Allure beauty products for $10. And if you want to receive more boxes, you can enroll in a subscription plan to receive future discounts.

34. Aveda

Of the various beauty product companies, Aveda might be the most generous with product samples if you make a purchase. When shopping online, head to their “Offers” tab to see the latest and greatest samples.

For a free sample, visit their local salon where you can get a free 20-minute facial. And you can guarantee your spot online if you choose.

To get the best in-salon and online offers, be sure you join their Pure Privilege loyalty program.

35. Gillette

For one-time savings on shaving products, you can visit Gillette to get coupons. Most coupons are for Gillette razors. But you can also save money on other products like deodorant and body wash.

Tip: You might consider Gillette On Demand to get cheap razors.

36. Sephora

Sephora provides two free samples with any online purchase. Also, by joining Beauty Insider program, you earn rewards points.

Use your points toward Sephora experiences, services and samples. And as a Beauty Insider member, you get a free gift on your birthday.

37. Neutrogena

Buying your beauty products directly from Neutrogena may save you money. Their current offers can also help you get free products when you buy featured items. And you can get $10 when you refer friends who make a minimum $40 purchase.

While purchases are required, the free items and cash can exceed the value of any free samples most companies send.

38. Ulta

Ulta offers free sample packs with online purchases. Sometimes you have to spend a minimum amount to get a sampler. So take a second to read the fine print.

You might be able to get free samples at your local store. Ask the staff if any products are currently available as a take-home sample.

39. Boxed

With each purchase you make on Boxed, you can choose two free product samples. These samples are for their Prince & Spring products. You can sample things like coffee, paper goods or other food items.

Boxes has free shipping on all orders over $79.


Most people go to to print coupons to save money at the grocery store and other non-grocery purchases. But you might be able to find an occasional free sample or “buy one get one free” offer.

If you know the retail price for products you typically use, you can monitor the discounts and get a product for free (or nearly free).

41. Sticker Mule

If you’re looking to buy stickers, magnets or packaging, Sticker Mule offers a $1 sample pack. Also, for a slightly higher cost, you can request samples of a custom logo before making a full purchase.

Looking for more free stickers? Check out our post on how to get free stickers for your laptop and other items.


To get free samples, most companies usually require you to join a loyalty program. Or you need to agree to provide feedback if you request a product sample online.

In-store samples are still likely to be 100% free. However, you may have to visit your local store on the right day at the right time to get them.

Requesting free samples can help you discover new products. And it can help you to decide if they’re better than the brands you already buy.

Also, you may save money by trying a free sample of an unknown brand. That way, if you don’t like it, you won’t waste your money buying a full-size product.

What free samples do you enjoy most? Do you usually try samples or buy a full-size product?