Laptop stickers are a fun and easy way to help your laptop look extra festive. Whether you use your laptop for school, work, or just for fun, you can spice it up and make it look more cheerful with some laptop stickers.

Fortunately, there are many places you can get laptop stickers. Stickers of all shapes, sizes and sayings abound on websites that specialize in selling stickers.

Check out the most popular sites for getting laptop stickers (and other stuff) that help you express who you are and where you’re headed in life.

Best Sites to Get Laptop Stickers

The sites mentioned below sell stickers in all different genres and styles. From sports teams to funny sayings to your favorite foods, you can find the sticker styles that you like best.

We recommend reading the reviews before you order to get an idea of what past customers are saying. That way you’ll get an idea regarding the quality of each sticker site and how it handles customer service.

Browse the sticker pages on each site below and find the stickers for your laptop that will help you define your unique style.

1. Redbubble

Redbubble is one of the premier sites for getting cool laptop stickers. Why? Because Redbubble stickers are designed by the people, for the people. People just like you and me design and sell stickers there.

What does this mean for you in terms of sticker design for your laptop? It means that you can find cool and different laptop stickers in just about any design?

Want different and unusual Marvel stickers for your laptop? They got ‘em. Or, do you want stickers to represent your favorite sport or pastime? They have those too. Do you have a favorite saying or a favorite food? I’ll bet you can find a sticker for that at Redbubble.

Bonus: not only do they have stickers, they have other custom items too, such as:

  • Laptop sleeves and skins
  • Phone cases
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Greeting cards
  • Wall art

And more. See what you can find on the site that displays your unique personality. Oh, and if you’re interested, you can create and sell your own designs on Redbubble.

This can be an easy source of side hustle income for you. Just upload your designs, spread the word and Redbubble does the rest. They make the items, ship the orders and send you a commission check.

2. Café Press

Café Press works similar to Redbubble. Aspiring artists and side hustle aficionados upload their designs to the Café Press website. And you don’t have to worry about dealing with orders, either. Café Press makes the items, ships them and sends you as the designer a commission check.

Savings tip: Use Ebates or the Ebates browser extension to earn cash back for your purchases on Café Press!

If you go to the Café Press website, you’ll find a large variety of laptop and other stickers. They have bumper stickers, oval stickers, square stickers and rectangle stickers.

Within each shape you’ll find dozens of different designs. Or, you can search by subject too, such as skateboard stickers, comic stickers, etc. Bonus: there’s even customizable stickers available at Café Press at this writing.

Along with stickers, you can get other specialized items too, such as:

  • Mugs
  • Wall décor
  • Clocks
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Duvet covers for your bedroom

They have other items too including shirts and sweatshirts, stationery, bags and kid/baby stuff. And as I mentioned earlier, just like with Redubble, you can upload your own designs to potentially make some extra cash.

3. Amazon

When you shop at Amazon you can find just about everything – including laptop stickers. One cool thing about buying laptop stickers through Amazon is that they sell stickers from companies as well as individuals.

This could result in a bigger sticker selection for you, although you may not find the cool custom stickers you’ll find on the other sites.

Amazon sells sticker packets too. This could be a money saver for you. Buying packets of stickers through Amazon is often cheaper than buying individual ones.

4. Etsy

Etsy is another popular website for buying laptop stickers. Since Etsy features only stickers that are designed by individuals, you’ve got another opportunity to buy really unique and fun laptop stickers.

As I perused the site in search of laptop stickers, I found a variety of fun and interesting designs. There were also laptop skins available in a wide variety of designs.

Food stickers, sayings, stickers that focused on particular brands such as NASA or Star Wars or Route 66. Stickers with your favorite city name or sports team name. Or stickers with your favorite food, favorite Bible verse or favorite latitude/longitude coordinates.

You can even get personalized stickers. In fact, on the Etsy site there are over 250 pages of laptop stickers to choose from. If you’re looking for massive variety in laptop stickers, this site is worth checking out.

5. All Stickers

Guess what All Stickers sells? Yep, you guessed it: just stickers. All stickers, all the time. One really cool thing about this laptop sticker site is that it sells stickers and helps a cause at the same time.

If you read the About Us page, you’ll find that a young girl started the site in hopes of raising money for Celiac Disease, which her sister suffers from. Young Sierra donates one dollar out of each laptop sticker order toward researching cures for Celiac.

The All Stickers site has less to choose from in terms of volume of stickers. However, the stickers they do sell are fun and engaging. And you can’t beat being able to buy stickers when you know there’s a good cause being benefited by your purchase.

Some of the options to choose from for laptop stickers include:

  • Sports stickers
  • Food stickers (including Ben and Jerry’s flavor specific stickers – fun!)
  • Alumni/college stickers
  • Stickers with words of encouragement
  • Animal stickers
  • Science stickers

And more. So although you may not find the large variety of laptop stickers on this site that you would on other sites, I think it’s a site well worth looking and shopping at.

6. Sticker You

At Sticker You, you can buy stickers for your laptop – OR you can design your own laptop stickers.  To buy the stickers they sell, you just need to shop on their website.

To create your own laptop stickers, you just upload your image, choose the shape and size of the sticker you want, and let Sticker You take care of the rest.

There’s no minimum order on self-designed stickers either; you can order one or order hundreds. Note that creating a custom-made laptop sticker will cost you more than buying a pre-made one. However, it could be a fun way to test out your own sticker business or graphic design skills.

7. Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is your basic laptop (and other) sticker site – with a twist. They specialize in custom stickers. Just like with Sticker You, you upload your design and order your stickers.

With Sticker Mule you can design and buy stickers of all different shapes and sizes, from 1 inch by 1 inch up to 5 inch by 5 inch. Or, you can custom design a size. You can also design sticker sheets with the company.

Also, they’ll give you additional discounts for buying more stickers too. As an example, it costs $51 for 50 1×1 inch circle stickers (not including shipping, etc.) but only $56 for 100 stickers.

They have a large variety of designs to choose from as well, and most of the reviews seem to be positive.

Laptop Skins

There are a couple of sites we found that specialize in laptop skins as opposed to stickers. We thought they were worth mentioning for those of you that like to put skins on your laptop computers.

Laptop skins can be a great way to design and help protect your laptop computer from scratches, spills and other types of damage.


Zazzle sells laptop skins and decals as opposed to basic stickers. But because they had so many cool designs, we thought they were worth mentioning here.

With Zazzle you can choose from the skins and decals they have to offer, or you can upload your own image to create a custom laptop skin or decal.


SkinStyler also sells laptop skins and decals. There are dozens of designs and colors to choose from.  They also have a “create your own” tab that allows you to upload images and make your own skins and decals.


Skinit sells laptop skins for a wide variety of laptop makes and models. They also sell skins for smart phones, tablets, gaming devices and more. There’s a lot to choose from on this site when it comes to protecting your electronic devices. Bonus: this company uses high quality 3M vinyl to make their skins.

Getting Money for Laptop Stickers

No matter what type of laptop stickers you want to buy, one thing is for sure: your laptop stickers will cost you some cash. Here are some ideas for getting cash when you need money now.

You can use that cash to pay for your laptop stickers, buy laptop skins or even pay for a new laptop for yourself. Look over these ideas and see which will best work for you to get money fast.

Sell Your Stuff

If you’re like most people, you probably have stuff laying around your house or apartment that you no longer use. Why not gather that stuff up, sell it, and bring in some quick cash?

Depending on what you’re selling, you can use a variety of sites to sell it quickly.

For instance, if you’re selling electronic items such as old smart phones or gaming devices, why not try eBay or Craigslist? Both of these sites are popular choices for selling electronic items.

If you’re selling household, pet or personal items, you may want to use Facebook Marketplace. The listings will pop up quickly for thousands to see and potentially buy.

The cool thing about selling on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist is that it’s free. There are no listing or selling fees. Generally, you’re selling locally with these sites too and you won’t need to worry about shipping.

With eBay, you’ll potentially pay listing and selling fees however, so take that into consideration as you set your price for the items you want to sell. Selling your stuff can be a great way to get cash fast.

Offer Your Services

Another way to get money fast could be to offer your services to family, friends and neighbors. Some of the work that you could offer to do would include:

  • Cleaning and organizing homes, garages or basements. (Bonus: get more money by offering to take recyclables such as aluminum off their hands and get additional money for recycling)
  • Washing and detailing cars
  • Offering to mow lawn, do light landscaping or be the weekly pooper scooper for the family dog
  • Offer to babysit for your friends’ and family members’ kids so they can have a night out on the town
  • Help them paint, clean windows or do other light maintenance or remodeling type of work

These are all ideas for jobs that most people want to get done but just don’t have the time to do. By offering to help them get the tasks off of their plate you could make some serious cash.

Get a Side Hustle Job

Another way you could earn money for your laptop stickers is to get some sort of side hustle work. Side hustle work is generally work where you set your own hours. Some ideas for side hustle jobs for earning money for laptop stickers and other items include:

  • Driving for Uber or Lyft
  • Getting a job delivering pizza or other restaurant food with a company such as Door Dash or Uber Eats
  • Get a job as a restaurant server – instant daily cash via tips if you’re good at your job
  • Do freelancing work from home – if you write, edit or do graphic design, you can find online gigs that will pay you quickly

No matter what type of sticker designs you want on your laptop, there’s probably a site that has what you’re looking for. And there’s a way to get money for those stickers. Check out the sites mentioned above today as you find designs for your laptop.

What’s your favorite site for buying laptop stickers? Tell us in the comments section.