The Bedroom is one room where we might not realize that we are wasting a good deal of money. Yet, it makes complete sense since this is a part of your home you and family spend sleeping, changing, and sometimes, just hanging out.

We recently talked about how to save money in another room of your home, so we thought it would be fun to figure out how we can all shave down the spending when it comes to the boudoir.

Get a new mattress.

Okay, we realize that suggesting such a large purchase is moving in the opposite direction than the “saving money” ideology of this article, yet, we would contend that a new mattress would save you money. Picture this, you just shut off the lamp on your nightstand and your head hits the pillow with the hopes that you will drift off into a night of seamless slumber. This is not what happens though.

Maybe get an hour of rest before your back starts to hurt. So you turn over and get thirty-minutes more and your hips or shoulders start to hurt. Before you know it, it’s morning, the alarm goes off, and you have to get ready for work and the long day ahead. This is where that bad night of sleep starts to cost you. Maybe it’s because you move slower due to hip pain, or your mental capabilities have which is on par with poor sleep.

Either way you are not performing at your peak and your productivity suffers, which ultimately costs money. Having a mattress that will help with hip and shoulder pain may cost money up front, but the rest you will get from it, will ultimately save you in the long run.

Before you go out and make a purchase, check out some recommended mattresses for hip pain. There are a great deal of options available to the consumer, which can get rather confusing and overwhelming. Sudden purchases are not a habit of the frugal shopper, so we suggest you do your research and find the best option for you and your aching back.

Save on bedding

There are many ways you can save on bedding, which will ultimately save you money in your bedroom. They say that you should not skimp when it comes to comfort, like thread counts and pillows, you should, in fact, pay attention to this as much as saving money. While it would be nice to get the sheets that were imported from Egypt, maybe look for something less costly that would meet all your comfort needs.

Also, ask your friends and family where they buy their sheets. Odds are, someone frugal will be happy to share their sheet shopping secrets.

Try a duvet

Maybe you are the type of person who enjoys changing design schemes in your bedroom, but you have to admit, purchasing a new comforter for a blue room because you decided the red wasn’t working for you, can get costly. With a duvet, the whole idea is to change the cover. This way you can keep your penchant for mixing up the colors or themes in your room without making large bedspread purchases on a whim.

Turn off the lights.

Are you are person who forgets to hit the switch on your way out of the room? Well, this may be a way that you are wasting money in your bedroom. Before you walk out of your sanctuary in the morning, knowing you probably won’t enter this room again until later that evening, take a sweep of the room.

There are the overhead lights but what about lamps? What about night lights? (Some of us might still use them) How about your bathroom, if you are lucky enough to have one to call your own? Turn them off and reduce the bill.

Check all the bedrooms in your home.

Only looking to your bedroom for money saving opportunities isn’t utilizing this knowledge to it’s fullest. If you are willing to skimp and save in your own sleep area, than everyone else who lives there should also be under the same microscope. Having a new baby? Why deck out a grand nursery for a newborn who can barely notice the giraffe you had painted by a local famous artist on the wall next to the crib?

Are your teens turning off the lights in their bedroom? Did your daughter change her favorite color from pink to purple and insist that her walls be painted accordingly? We realize that you want the best for your children, but saving money in the home benefits everyone and, as the parent, it’s up to you to choose where this money is saved.

Don’t go crazy

There are certain areas of your life that are fine to look for savings, but quality trumps a frugality. It is suggested that we should spend the cash on the things we spend the most time, for example, your mattress. You spend at least eight hours out of twenty-four, in your bedroom, so when it comes to your contentment, don’t save so much that you aren’t enjoying your sleep chamber.