Frugal living includes saving money in all areas of our homes. Here’s 10 tips to save money on items that you regularly purchase for the bathroom.

1. Use Less

Pay attention to everything you are using in the bathroom-can you get by with a little less? Do you have a tendency to use too much shampoo, conditioner, and body wash? Next time you are in the shower, try using half as much and see if you can get by with that.

The same goes for other items too-toothpaste, toilet paper, and more! Try to be more aware of what you are using and see if you can be frugal.

2. Consider the Generic/Store Brand

Store brands cost less than the name brands and are often just as good. I usually give the store brand a try for everything. Worst case scenario, you don’t like it and next time you stick to your regular brand. Many items used in the bathroom you won’t notice the difference.

There are plenty of items you can get store brand for in the bathroom: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, feminine products, cotton balls, contact solution, and mouth wash.

3. Do It Yourself

Skip the salon pedicures/manicures and do them at home instead. You may pay a little up front for your supplies, but once you’ve purchased supplies, the pedicures are free!

4. Compare Prices Properly

Trying to find the best deals on toilet paper drives me crazy! There’s big packages, double rolls, mega rolls, and all the differences make it hard to figure out which one is the best price.

Each package should indicate how many rolls, how many sheets per roll, and the number you want to look for: total square feet. This is the number to look at to compare prices on toliet paper and find the best deal.

5. Buy the Bigger Bottle/Package

If the large shampoo bottle is a better deal per ounce, go with the bigger bottle. Depending on where you shop, the store may break out the price for you, otherwise you may have to do a rough estimate to determine if it is better price if you buy the larger quantity. Note: Buying in bulk is not always a better deal. Do the math.

6. Stock Up

When an item that you use regularly is on sale, buy extra. Unlike food where you have to worry about short expiration dates, extra soap in the closet isn’t going to go bad before you use it.

7. Check out Alternatives

Consider alternative places to find bathroom supplies. For example, when I subscribe to receive razors on a regular basis from Amazon, I get a percentage off. I pay less through Amazon that what I’d pay at Target or Walmart.

8. Avoid the Grocery Store

Personal care and bathroom supplies tend to be pricey at the grocery store. Unless you find a good sale or coupon, the best prices are elsewhere.

9. Skip the Trash Bags

There’s no need to spend money on a package of small trash bags. Use the plastic bags you get from the store for your small trash cans if you need a trash bag.

10. Don’t Forget the Medicine Cabinet

The same buying generic and in bulk tip should be applied to the medicine cabinet. Consider generics for over the counter medications-these prices can be half of name brand! Bonus tip: buy these in bulk if it is something you use frequently.

Check out this example-
Claritin price at Walmart- $34.94 for 70 which equates to $.50 per pill for an annual cost of $182 if you are taking it daily.
Generic version at Walmart-$13.42 for 120 which equates to $.11 per pill for an annual cost of $40.82 if you are taking it daily.
Generic version purchased at Costco-$12.99 for 365 which equates to $.035 per pill and an annual cost of $12.99-an almost $30 savings from the Walmart generic and a $170 savings from the name brand!

Saving money in the bathroom

When you are trying to live frugally, don’t forget to look at ways you can save around the house. By comparison shopping and buying in bulk, you can save money on items like shampoo, soap, and more. Watch your usage and see if you can get by with using less of a product (I bet you can).