If you are tired of trying to figure out what is for dinner, then you should try meal planning. No more rummaging though the cabinets at the last minute to put something together. No more last minute trips to the store for the one item you need to finish the meal.

UPDATED: I’ve added a NEW color version of the Meal Planner Printable that matches my Budget Binder. Click here for the updated version.
Free Weekly Meal Planner Printable. Plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week and it includes a grocery list! Save money by grocery shopping with a plan.

If you’ve never made a meal plan, be sure to read my meal planning for beginners post. You’ll find that meal planning is an easy way to save money on food costs. This meal planner printable will save you time by planning the week ahead.

Home Management Binder

I love my home management binder! It’s a great way to keep all the important information you need all in one organized place.

Many of the printables out there are beautiful, but I am too frugal to waste expensive ink on colorful printables.

My free printables will be in black and white because I want you to save money too! Click HERE to download this version now!

Weekly Menu Plan

Use this printable to plan your meals for the week. Plus, it has a handy grocery list on the side that you can use while making your meal plan so you don’t forget anything at the grocery store.

How to Use

For each day, there are three lines so you can either plan each meal for the day. If you only need to plan dinner, then use the lines just for the dinner menu.

If you are using a binder, there is room to 3-hole punch the sheet.

You can also just print the sheet and post to your bulletin board or hang on the fridge as a reminder.