Finding the right fence for both your yard and your wallet can be a challenge. You want something functional, attractive, and that is not going to break the bank. Depending on your fencing needs it may be harder or easier to find the right fence.

Let’s take a look at some of the affordable options that can make your yard beautiful and leave your wallet happy.

1.The Chain Link Design

The chain link design fence would be very easy for anyone to make. The key feature is that the design is very sturdy. Although it is a tough fence, it still has a nice decorative look. The combination of chain link for property protection and wooden posts for appearance creates cheap fence worth building.

2. A Goat Proof Fence

You may have seen an adorable “goat dancing” video on the internet and decided to buy a goat. If you have livestock of any kind, including goats, you know that you need something durable.

Building the right fence for a goat is especially important because they are known to easy their confines for the grass on the other side. In fact, I have literally seen a goat escape his fence and then stand five feet away to eat the “better” grass!

If you are in need of a goat proof fence, then this might be the perfect solution for you! This website has great instructions for building it yourself.

3. Split Rail Fence with Mesh

The split wooden post look can be very appealing, however, it can be an impractical solution for keeping dogs or kids inside your yard. Once you add the mesh, it makes it impossible for small pets or kids to escape the yard. Plus, the mesh prevents most predators from breaking into your perimeter.

Overall, this is a very functional fence with a great look. Check out this tutorial to learn how to build it yourself.

4. 4-Rail Horse Fence

The 4-rail horse fence offers a classic look and a practical solution for keeping larger animals within your perimeter. You can choose to leave the boards plain or paint them white for an even more traditional look.

This tutorial will show you how to build it.

5. The Garden Fence

You may just need to contain a small portion of your property to plant a garden. If you do not need a very large amount of fencing, then this could be the perfect fence. It is low to the ground and will help to keep some of the typical garden predators away from your vegetables!

Plus, it is a very economical way to add extra protection for your favorite plants. Check out this website to get instructions!

6. The Hog Wire Privacy Fence

Have you ever tried to enjoy a day in your backyard and couldn’t because you were worried people may be glancing in your yard? Although it would be nice if people just did not look your way, it does not always happen.

The hog wire privacy fence will offer you more privacy in your own backyard. You will easily be able to figure out the build if you are handy.

7. The Wood Frame Wire Fence

The wood frame wire fence is a great option for a clean look that keeps animals in an area. The wooden frames offer a clear view into the year, but the mesh prevents any animals from leaving, and most predators from getting in.

8. The Pallet Fence

This option may be one of the most affordable fencing solutions. The tricky part is getting the pallets, but it should not be too difficult to find some around town. Once you have the pallets, it really will not cost that much money to create a pallet fence. The fences are unique and functional. You can even paint them different colors to make them suit your tastes better.

Check out this tutorial on how to build one of these fences for free!

9. The Veggie Fence

The basic idea is to protect your vegetables. So if you are in need of a functional garden fence, the veggie fence may work out great.

This website talks through how they built their own veggie fence. You may want to follow their directions and add your own twists along the way.

10. DIY Whimsical Fence

Although it is a beautiful fence, it is still very practical. The basis of this fence is a basic wooden fence, but you have the chance to add a splash of color to it.

Check out this article on the creation of this fence!

11. DIY Industrial Fence

You may be into the metallic accents that are finding their way into most stylish home décor today. You can take that industrial flair and build a fence to suit it!

The fence is made of wood and tin, so it should also be able to keep animals inside the boundaries.

You can add a tin frame to many different kinds of fences. Take a look at how these guys did it.

12. A Prefab Fence

You may not trust your DIY abilities far enough to build a fence. Don’t worry! You still have plenty of affordable options through prefabricated fencing. You will have to search around to find the best look for your needs, but you might be surprised how cheaply you can buy this kind of fencing.

Before you get started, create a budget and stick too it. Don’t be swayed no matter how pretty a certain fence is.

13. The Complete Privacy Fence

The complete privacy fence has a great modern look that will also keep the prying eyes of neighbors out of your yard. Most privacy fences will have horizontal planks instead of the traditional vertical fences.

Since you are building it yourself, you will have the option to build with many different kinds of materials. Work with something that is affordable and suits your aesthetic needs.

You can find more information on how to build the perfect modern privacy fence here.

14. A Basic Mesh Fence

As the name suggests, these fence is created with just mesh wiring and posts.  It is a very simple design to build yourself and it is a practical solution to many fencing needs. You can find a cost effective tutorial here.

15. The Rustic Garden Fence

This sturdy fence is the perfect solution to protecting your garden but still has a rustic feel.

You can find an easy to follow tutorial here.

16. The Chicken Wire Garden Fence

Of course, this little fence will protect your veggies but it is also just a very attractive fence. You will have the ability to customize this fence to suit the needs of your garden.

17. The Patchwork Metal Fence

You can get very creative with this kind of fence. The design it meant to be representative of you and your family, so you can paint the metal to create a beautiful final product.

In addition to corrugated metal or tin, you will also need wood to complete the fence. You can find out more information on how to build a similar fence here.

18. The Galvanized Metal Fence

In contrast to the last fence, the galvanized metal fence is made of large metal sheets. Although you will not be able to create the patchwork quilt look, you will be able to build a sturdy fence. The large sheet of metal should offer more privacy to your property.

The galvanized metal should also withstand the elements for a long time. If you are interested in learning more about this kind of fencing check out this website.

19. The Log Fence

You will need a ton of wood to accomplish building this fence. But if you happen to have access to logs then this could be your most affordable option. You simply have to pile the logs around the areas you want to enclose. The logs need to be tall and sturdy to ensure that nothing can knock them down.

If you choose to build this fence, then I would recommend checking you fence lines more often than usual. It is pretty likely that logs will fall out of place occasionally.

20. Wattle Fencing

Wattle fencing is probably about as traditional as it gets. The bulk of this fence is made entirely of sticks! The fencing is very affordable because it is made from materials that you have to collect instead of buy. That aspect makes is a very cheap fencing option, however, it may be difficult to build it. In fact, it is more similar to weaving than building.

Even though it may be slightly more work to maintain, wattle fencing has been around for centuries so it is obviously an effective way to protect things.

You can learn more about wattle fencing here.

21. A Modern Wattle Fence

You may not be excited about the idea of weaving your fence, but the look of the wattle fencing is attractive. A modern wattle fence has the same look of the traditional version, but there is not as much weaving involved.

Find out more about this build here.

22. The Decorative Metal Fence

You can easily build a fence that has the perfect amount of metal for your tastes. If metal on every panel is not your idea of the perfect fence, then get creative! The type and amount of metal you include on your fence is completely up to you. The use of metal allows you to add the designer flair that you want without the price tag.

Use these panels to build inspiration for your own unique fence.

23. A Horizontal Wooden Plank Fence

Most traditional fences have vertical planks, but not this unique fence. It is a modern spin on a classic fence. Plus, it is a fairly affordable fence to build.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of building this fence.

24. Livestock Fencing

Some of you may need a fence that does way more than just separate your yard from your neighbor’s. You want to remember that you will need to build something sturdy. Many basic wooden plank fencing options should do the trick, but take a look at these important tips before you start building.

25. Wood Panel Fencing

The most basic looking fence imaginable is the wood panel fencing. If you are willing to build it yourself, then you may be able to build it affordably.

Check out this complete guide on how to build a wooden fence to get started.

26. The White Picket Fence

Some of us may dream of white picket fencing at the house of your dreams. Apparently, you can easily build this dream fence relatively cheaply. Before you get started, you should know that this is not the most sturdy fence but it will work for small pets.

Watch this tutorial to find out more about building this fence.

27. Bamboo Fence

You will be able to capture an Asian feel in your yard by “planting” this fence. Building this fence will take time, but it may be worth the effort. For more information on how to build this fence, take a look at this tutorial.

When building this fence, keep in mind that you have two options. You can buy actual bamboo and create a fence with it. Or buy a roll of bamboo fencing from Home Depot or Lowes. Both have very affordable options, but you need to decide how much time you want to sink into this project.

28. DIY Wood Lattice Fence

The lattice look can add a quaint air to your backyard. Although these fences are lacking in privacy, you can encourage certain plants to grow up the fences in order to create a “secret garden” look.

Find out more about how to build a lattice fence with this video.

Final Fencing Thoughts

As you get started with your fencing projects, remember to not attempt something that is way beyond your handy skill set. DIY takes practice, and starting something that you cannot finish will cost you time and money.