With storage firms increasingly in demand, it’s clear that more and more people are seeing the benefits of getting their hands on a safe, reliable storage unit. To showcase how storage can help you, we’re profiling three different personalities that could see the benefits of using storage today to save money, time or solve urgent business problems.

The Business Owner

When you’re running a small business, flexibility is one of your most important virtues: being able to pivot your available resources to face any incoming challenge. This business owner is looking for warehouse space that can accommodate the busiest times in the year, as well as saving them money during quieter periods when they don’t have as much in stock.

Finding a storage facility with a good business rate is what this business owner needs. She can negotiate a good deal for long term use of their facilities, as her business represents reliable income over the course of years.

A good storage facility will let you switch between units according to your needs with a minimum of notice given, so our business owner can adapt the amount they’re paying to their needs week to week, instead of months in advance.

The Student

Living in London is expensive, especially for students on a limited income with big costs like textbooks that they can’t get around.

Our student is trying to make a little extra money in the holidays. If they go home to their family they can leave more cheaply, and use old contacts to pick up some casual work so to make some more money for term time.

As well as that, they’ve been enterprising enough to realise they could make a little extra money from their accommodation as well. If their friends at other universities can connect them with people who need to stay in London for university conferences or events during the holidays, they’ve found a willing market for their room. If you look student storage London has plenty of great deals that will let our student clear out their room to leave a neutral space for potential paying guests.

The Home Owner

Moving house is a stressful time, and never more so than on moving day itself. There’s so much potential for things to be dropped, lost or broken, and the clock is always ticking. Finding a good deal on a reputable storage company lets you save time and keep the most precious and difficult to move items safe until you have the time to devote the care you need to bringing them to your new home, cutting stress, reducing the risk of breaking expensive furnishings and saving you money on expensive movers!