Online surveys are a popular way to make extra money because they are quick and easy.

As long as you can share an honest opinion on the survey topic, you make money. One of the largest survey sites is Survey Junkie.

There are many online survey sites to choose from. So it can be difficult to know when one is a scam or legit by only visiting their website.

And at times, you don’t find out until you join and complete enough surveys to request payment.

This Survey Junkie review will help you decide if this is a good way to make fast online money.  



Survey Junkie is one of the best online survey sites because of the earning potential and easy redemption choices.

What is Survey Junkie?

As its name implies, Survey Junkie is an online survey website. Unlike a few other online survey sites, Survey Junkie only offers online surveys.

So with their site, when you don’t feel like taking a survey, you won’t be able to earn money in any other ways.

For example, you won’t be able to watch videos, play games or test products

Survey Junkie is a legitimate survey site. They have more than 10 million members from the United States, Canada and Australia.

You must be at least 13 years old to join. And membership is free.

They also have a B rating from the Better Business Bureau. As with any business, there are a few complaints.

Several members state Survey Junkie isn’t paying them when they request a gift card or PayPal cash payment.

However, the overwhelming number of BBB comments are positive.

How Much Can You Make From Survey Junkie?

You may appreciate that Survey Junkie is very transparent in their FAQs about how much you can make.

As Survey Junkie states, “You will NOT get rich by taking surveys.

The rewards for each survey will vary, but with commitment and regular participation, you’ll have the opportunity to earn extra cash each month.”

It’s possible to make real money with Survey Junkie.

However, if you need to replace your daytime income or have large bills to pay, other side hustles will pay you more.

But if you only need to make a few extra dollars each week and don’t have much free time, Survey Junkie can be a good fit for you.

There are plenty of surveys to choose from, and most take 20 minutes or less.

It’s possible to earn up to $3 per survey, but most pay between 20 and 90 cents each.

These rates are competitive with other survey sites.

Although, it’s possible to earn more at Survey Junkie because you can take multiple surveys each day.

Getting a few points on the surveys you don’t qualify for can help you earn more than other sites pay as well.  

Earning Points

Survey Junkie pays rewards points right away for each survey you complete.

Each point is worth one cent each. So if a survey pays 200 points, you earn $2 by completing it.  A 90-point survey nets 90 cents.

You can begin redeeming your points for gift cards after your balance reaches $10 (1000 points).

They even award a few points when you don’t pass the initial qualifying questions that determine if you are a good match for a survey.

If you’re an experienced survey participant, you know how annoying it can be to answer several “screener questions” only to discover you don’t qualify for the survey and earn zero points for your effort.

You can attempt multiple surveys each day which helps set Survey Junkie apart from the competition.

Other online survey sites only let you take surveys when they email you an invite. In some cases, they may guarantee you only one per month.

There are three different types of surveys you can earn rewards points from.

Profile Questions

You will earn your first points by creating your Survey Junkie member profile.

For instance, you can earn up to $1 by answering basic profile questions including:

  • Your name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Interests
  • Shopping habits

To qualify for higher-paying surveys, make sure you complete the various profile surveys.

These surveys pay 10 points each and gather personal information on topics including technology, shopping habits and your health history.

Survey Junkie uses these responses to offer invite-only surveys. These types pay more than the ones open to the public.

They also recommend you complete these questions first.

That way, you can see added relevant surveys on the survey dashboard you’re more likely to qualify for.

Online Surveys

The survey dashboard inside your member account is where you will spend the most time.

At any given time, you will have multiple surveys from which to choose.

The inventory changes constantly. Wait a few minutes to see if a better option becomes available if you don’t like the current ones.

When you view the available surveys, there are two pieces of information.

First, you’ll see how many minutes it takes to complete each survey. Second, you’ll see the payment amount.

You won’t know what the survey topic is about until after you pass the screener questions.

While you don’t know what the survey topic is, you should try surveys that pay the most yet require the least amount of time.

Your time can be as valuable as the number of points you earn per survey.  

Survey topics can range from your thoughts on ads and consumer brands to your daily habits and political opinions.

Once you take many surveys, you may have the chance to share your opinion on almost any topic under the sun.

Attempt Green Diamond Surveys First

Besides maximizing your time, try looking for surveys with a green diamond located above the points amount first.

The green color indicates you have the best approval odds for these surveys.

The amber and red-colored diamonds indicate lower qualifying odds.

It doesn’t mean you can’t try these other surveys as you will still earn three points if you don’t qualify.

Focus Groups

The highest payout you will see on most Survey Junkie surveys is 200 points. You can earn more when you get invited to participate in a focus panel.  

How much you make depends on the client and the amount of time it takes.

These panels require in-depth answers that go beyond the standard general survey questions.

For example, you may have to use a specific medication, be a certain age or work in a unique industry.

Survey Junkie doesn’t guarantee you will be invited to participate in a focus group.

Completing the different profile questions increases your chances of receiving an invitation.

If you get an invitation, make sure you act quickly to secure your spot.

Redeeming Points

Besides being able to take multiple surveys each day, Survey Junkie has a low redemption requirement.

You can begin requesting payment when your balance reaches 1000 points which are worth $10.

It’s not uncommon for other survey sites to require a minimum $20 account balance to request payment.

With a $10 account balance, you can request digital gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants. You can also choose PayPal or direct bank deposit.

When you ask for cash payment, Survey Junkie requires you to redeem your entire balance.

For gift cards, you can redeem part of your rewards balance and keep the rest of your points for the future.

Another advantage that Survey Junkie has over other survey sites is that each point is worth a flat amount.

Each point is worth one cent each regardless of the gift card or cash payment method you choose.

Other survey sites might require more points for certain redemptions despite having the same cash value as gift card rewards.

Joining Survey Junkie

If you think Survey Junkie is a good option for you, it’s easy to join Survey Junkie. It’s best to access Survey Junkie from a laptop or desktop computer.

At the moment, the Survey Junkie platform isn’t exactly mobile-friendly. And you may have difficulty seeing the entire survey on a small screen.

Regarding mobile apps, Survey Junkie only has a mobile app for Android devices.

Survey Junkie states that smartphone users are restricted to mobile surveys only.

To see the full survey inventory, you will need to access the survey dashboard from a computer. 

You won’t pay a fee to join. To create an account, use your Facebook account or email address.

After that, spend several minutes completing the profile questions. You earn points for each of these small surveys.

The time investment helps match you with better options in the future.


  • Can attempt multiple surveys each day
  • Receive three points even when you don’t qualify for the full survey
  • Begin redeeming points with a $10 account balance
  • Free to join


  • Won’t qualify for every survey (as with any survey site)
  • Survey topic not listed, only the payment amount and time required
  • Not optimized for cellphone and tablet users


Is Survey Junkie Legitimate?

Survey Junkie is a legitimate survey site that’s free to join. Like any survey site, you won’t qualify for every survey you attempt.
But unlike many survey sites, you at least earn a few points when you don’t qualify for the full survey.

Who Should Join Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is good for adults and teens looking to make extra money
Do you want to monetize your free time by replacing your current activities that don’t earn an income? Then Survey Junkie is a good starting point.

Who Should Avoid Survey Junkie?

You might want to avoid Survey Junkie if you don’t usually spend time browsing on the net, playing video games, or shopping online. This site is best utilized by those who already do those things and want to make money as they go.

Alternatives to Survey Junkie

For one reason or another, you may not think Survey Junkie is the best option for you.

These Survey Junkie alternatives can provide ways to make extra money when you don’t want to rely solely on surveys.

 Maybe you’re looking for online jobs for college students. Or you want to keep your side hustle earning on a single platform.


Many people like Swagbucks because of the many ways to earn rewards points.

Plus they have flexible redemption options. Like Survey Junkie, you can attempt multiple surveys each day with similar payouts.

Survey Junkie and Swagbucks both source their survey invitations from other survey companies.

So it’s possible you can take the same survey on either platform.

You can also earn rewards points by watching videos, playing games, shopping online and signing up for product offers.

It’s also possible to redeem your points for gift cards beginning with a $3 balance.

That’s $7 sooner than Survey Junkie if you’re doing the math. When you prefer PayPal cash, you need a minimum $25 balance.  

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a newer survey company with a great reputation thus far.

You’ll earn points for every survey you take. After you earn at least 500 points, you can cash out in a number of ways:

  • Get PayPal cash
  • Gift cards to your favorite retailers
  • Donate your winnings to charity (U.S. users only)

And with Branded Surveys, you can move up in the ranks as you take more surveys.

Moving up gives you the potential to earn extra rewards such as referral bonus points.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

One downside of surveys and even watching videos is they can become repetitive.

At Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can complete short online micro tasks that can take as much time as surveys with similar pay.

More complex tasks can pay more than online surveys.

It’s also possible to complete surveys that are primarily from university studies.

These surveys can be different than consumer opinion surveys that populate most online survey sites.

As you can complete more tasks, you earn more qualifications. Unlocking them helps you gain access to tasks that pay more.

Your two payment options are Amazon gift cards or direct bank deposit.


From our Survey Junkie review, you can see their site is legit.

In fact, it is one of the best online survey sites because of the earning potential and easy redemption choices.

So when you want to make a little money in your free time, this is one option you can trust.

Have you tried Survey Junkie? If so, what do you think of it? Be sure to tell us on our Facebook page.