Have you ever thought about teaching English online? Online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular. Students like learning English online because it’s just more convenient than meeting a tutor in person.

Those fluent in English like teaching online because it often simply speaking conversationally with students. If you need a way to make money, then tutoring can be great because you often get to choose your own hours. You also get to choose how much hours you work per week.

If you like the thought of making money by teaching English online, read on for more information. Here are 16 companies that hire people to teach others to speak English.

Note: Not all of these companies are hiring tutors at all times. Some have times when they have a surplus of tutors and aren’t accepting any. Check back frequently if you want to apply on a site and they’re not currently accepting tutor applications.

1. SameSpeak

If you are age 16 or older and you have English as your first language, you can work with SameSpeak. Coaches earn $10 for every half hour they teach, and all training materials are provided.

As a coach with SameSpeak, your job will be to have natural English conversations with students. SameSpeak provides you with the conversations you have with students. This means there will be no lulls in conversation where you have to think of things to talk about.


VIP KID offers one-on-one classes where tutors teach conversation English to Chinese students. The students can be aged anywhere from 4 to 15.

Tutors are required to have a bachelor’s degree. The degree can be in any subject, though teaching is preferred. Practical experience with children is also required.

That might mean that you have taught kids in the past or that you volunteer with a local girl/boy scout troop. They just prefer that you have experience interacting with children.

You don’t have to know Chinese to teach with VIP KID, although it is helpful. VIP KID provides all training manuals and supplies. Pay is based on a per-session basis.

3. SayABC

With SayABC you can earn up to $21 for every 40 minutes of teaching English. The SayABC interactive platform has everything you need to teach English to students. Your students will be coming from a Chinese-speaking background.

As with VIP KID, tutors are required to have a Bachelor’s degree. SayABC tutors have one or more students they hold lessons with on a regular basis. In other words, you will get to develop a relationship with your students.

4. Cambly

Cambly offers both private and group lessons for people to learn to speak English. They accept tutors without any previous tutoring experience.

The pay rate is $0.17 cents per minute, or $10.20 per hour. As a tutor, you can choose your own working hours. With Cambly you get paid every Monday via PayPal for the hours you worked previously. The clients you’ll work with are from all over the world.

5. QKids

Qkids connects Chinese students age 5-12 with English tutors from around the world. With Qkids you can work from either the United States or Canada.

The lessons are 30 minutes long, and you’ll be paid between $8 and $10 (USD) for each lesson. One interesting thing about QKids is that it pays monthly.

Tutors are paid monthly (no later than the 15th of the month) for the previous month’s work. Pay is direct deposited into your U.S. or Canadian bank account.

The site doesn’t clearly specify what type of experience you need to work there. However, you do need to send in a resume’ with your application and there will be an interview and demo lesson required.

6. Lingoda

Lingoda tutors can teach English, however if they’re fluent they can also teach Spanish, German or French. The site says they require “qualified teachers” but doesn’t specify online exactly what that means.

With Lingoda you’ll tutor small classes, typically 5 students or less. Pay isn’t mentioned on the “Become a teacher” page. It’s important to know too that you do have to be a native speaker to teach your language of choice.

7. Englishunt

As a tutor with Englishunt you could be teaching children or adults to speak English. Lessons last between 10 and 20 minutes, typically. Englishunt requires tutors to have a four-year degree, and in many cases, they must have a teaching certificate as well.

The teaching certificate can be current or expired, according to their website. One cool thing about Englishunt is that you can choose shifts between 1 and 6 hours. However, they do prefer that you’re available for at least two hours per shift.

With Englishunt the pay per lesson varies; you’ll have to tell them in advance what your minimum pay preference is.

8. Golden Voice English

Golden Voice English (GVE) tutors teach English online to Chinese students. To teach for GVE you must be available for at least 8 hours per week. You would do well to have a Bachelor’s Degree in education, but this is preferred and not required.

This company does require that you have a minimum of six months of experience teaching English as a second language. Your experience can come in the form of a traditional job, or as a coach or volunteer.

The site doesn’t specify pay, although it does say that the company offers competitive wages.

9. Ginseng English

This popular tutoring company has about a two-month backlog as of this writing in terms of hiring new tutors. To teach with Ginseng English, they prefer you have a degree and ESL teaching experience. However, if you’re simply an awesome teacher without these things, they want to hear from you.

Although pay isn’t specified on the site, they do say that they pay roughly double what competing companies pay. Ginseng English provides the curriculum you’ll be teaching to students.

10. Global Mate New York

Global Mate New York teaches online English courses to students in South Korea. Most of the students they teach are between 19 and 50 years of age.

One unique thing about this company is that all of their students know at least some English. English is a required subject in the public schools in South Korea.

However, since most teachers aren’t native English speaking, many students seek out tutors after schooling is completed. They want to be able to speak English more fluently than what they’re taught in school.

The site doesn’t specific pay or hourly requirements.


GoFLUENT is unique in that it focuses on teaching English in corporate settings. As a GoFLUENT tutor you’ll teach virtual lessons to business employees.

Because of that, this company prefers you have experience working in a corporate setting. You must also be proficient in English grammar and punctuation.

Although pay isn’t specified, you do have to have English as your native language to qualify. Also, some college is required and a degree is preferred. There are also certain technical requirements you’ll need to meet to tutor for GoFLUENT.


TWOSIGMAS teaches English as a second language to kids aged 5 to 12. They prefer applicants have experience in teaching ESL. A Bachelor’s degree helps too, as well as having a current teaching certificate.

These are not requirements, but they are preferred. The site doesn’t tell you much more than that. However, there is an online application you can fill out. They promise to get back to you within 7 days with more information.

13. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone specializes in CD-Rom language programs, however they hire online English coaches as well. The Rosetta stone website doesn’t give much information about how the live coaching program works.

There is an online application you can complete if you want to learn about becoming a coach with the company.

14. Rype

Rype provides a platform that allows tutors to teach English and other languages online via an app. This company prefers you have previous teaching experience.

You’ll also need to be available at least 15 hours a week to work for Rype. They have system requirements as well. Check out the website for more information.

15. Continuum Education Services

Continuum Education Services hires tutors to teach English to people in corporate settings. With this company you’ll earn a base pay rate, but you also have the ability to earn performance bonuses.

A degree is required to work for this company, and you must have English as your native language as well. They also prefer previous ESL teaching experience, but it’s not required.

16. Open English

Open English invites ESL teaching professionals to join their team teaching the program’s more than 500,000 students. As a tutor with Open English, you’ll teach small groups of students with the company’s specialized learning platform.

To learn more about tutoring positions with the company, simply click on the “online proposal” link on the website.


If you like teaching others and are fluent in English, teaching English online could be for you. Note that having an extensive knowledge of English grammar rules is a major asset to these types of jobs.

Although some of the companies require you have a degree or teaching certification, not all do. Most companies do, however, require that you’re great at teaching.

Have you ever taught English as a second language? Would you consider teaching it online? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section.