Do you ever need copies of papers but aren’t sure where to look? Luckily you have several options for making cheap (and sometimes even free) copies near you.

Many times you can just send a document via email to the desired party. However, sometimes you do need or want an actual paper copy of something.

Therefore, it’s nice to know the various ways you can make copies near you. Here are our suggestions and ideas for making copies. See if any might work for you.

Cheap Copies Near You

Several types of businesses offer to make copies for the general public. Typically, the copies aren’t very expensive. Do you have any of these places near you?

Office Supply Stores

There are a few office supply stores that run nationwide chains. You can find locations in various cities across the U.S. and world. Here is some information on each place.

1. OfficeMax/Office Depot

OfficeMax and its parent company, Office Depot offer copier services at all store locations. They have over 1,400 store locations around the U.S. This is where we go to do all copying we can’t get done at home.

According to their website, they charge 9 cents each for black and white copies, and 42 cents each for color copies.

Note: The Office Depot website says they do include copy services in their Price Match program. So, if you find cheaper copy prices near you, talk to your OfficeMax/Office Depot employees about price matching.

2. Staples

Staples is another large chain office supply store. They’ve got over 1,200 retail store locations around the U.S.

Their website says they charge “as low as” 13 cents per page for color copies. Black and white copies are listed as costing “as low as” 4 cents per page.

However, regular copy prices at Staples are 53 cents per page for color copies and 11 cents per page for black and white copies.

Submitting your copy order online will get you the lowest Staples prices. However, quantity amounts do have an influence on the price you pay.

Copy/Shipping Stores

Copy and shipping stores can be great places to get copies near you as well. There are a few larger copy and shipping stores that can fulfill your copying needs.

3. PostNet

PostNet was founded in 1992 and has hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. Prices for copies aren’t listed on the PostNet website.

This is likely because stores are franchised out and individually owned. Contact your local PostNet location for pricing on color and black and white copies.

4. FedEx Office

FedEx Office has nearly 2,000 locations throughout the U.S. The FedEx website didn’t list prices for color or black and white copies.

However, I have used them in my area and I do find they’re more expensive than office supply stores. Note: News reports say that FedEx Office will be opening locations in select Walmart stores soon.

This could make getting copies very convenient if you’re a Walmart shopper.

5. The UPS Store

You probably have a UPS Store near you. There are over 5,000 locations in the U.S. Puerto Rico and Canada.

From what I’ve researched, UPS Stores do seem to have higher prices for copies than an Office Depot or Staples would. However, the stores are franchised and independently owned.

For this reason, I’d check with your local UPS Store location for prices and specials on copies.

6. Kwik Kopy

Kwik Kopy is a franchise-based copy store with locations throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world. Check with a Kwik Kopy store location near you for individual prices on copies.

7. Sir Speedy

Sir Speedy has store locations throughout the U.S. and in 12 other countries as well. They’ve been in business for over 50 years. Their goal is to provide the very best in quality and service for your printing needs.

Most Sir Speedy locations are owned via franchise. This means you’ll want to check your local Sir Speedy store for copying prices.

These are the main copy and/or shipping stores that have locations throughout the U.S. and world. However, there are other places that also provide copy services.

Warehouse Club Stores

There are two main warehouse club stores that provide copy services at most locations. Note that you’ll have to abide by membership rules in order to have access to copy services.

Warehouse club stores typically require you to be a member to use services.

8. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has nearly 600 warehouse club locations in the United States. They do offer copy services, however, no prices are listed on the website.

If their copy prices are like other products there, you’ll likely find they’re pretty cheap, though. Check at your local club location for details.

9. Costco

Costco Wholesale has over 500 warehouse club locations in the U.S. and hundreds more around the world.

Color and black and white copy prices  can vary based on location and on quantity. There may be discounted prices for higher quantity orders.

Besides the other copy locations we’ve mentioned here, you can get copies made at some drug stores too.

Drug Stores

We only found one major drug/pharmacy store chain that offers copy services.

10. CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy has nearly 10,000 locations in the U.S. This makes for a pretty good chance there’s a store location near you.

Note that not all CVS Pharmacy locations offer copy services. This means you’ll have to call local stores near you to see if one of them does offer the service.

Prices for copies can vary by store location too. Did you know there are some grocery stores that offer copy services?

Grocery Stores

There are a couple of grocery store chains we found that offer copy services at some locations. Here is some information.

11. Publix

Some Publix grocery stores are offering copy services now. They’ve got over 1,200 store locations in the Southern United States.

Check with your local Publix store to find out prices and available services.

12. Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee grocery has nearly 250 store locations in Midwest states such as Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois and other states.

As with Publix, not all locations offer copy services, but some do. Check with your local Hy-Vee store for prices and available copy services.

Now onto some other places you may be able to get copies made.

Online Copy Websites

There are a few online copy websites that will print your copies and deliver them right to your door. While you won’t be able to get copies right away with online stores, most do have overnight shipping options.

13. Best Value Copy

Best Value Copy will make color copies for 9 cents each and black and white copies for 2.6 cents each. They’ll give you free shipping on orders over $125.

Next day delivery is available in most U.S. states. There’s no minimum order required with this site.

14. DOCUcopies

DOCUcopies is another place you can get copies online. They charge 11 cents for black and white copies, and 28 cents for color copies.

However, they do offer deep discounts for higher quantities. For instance, if you get 1,000 color copies, they’ll only charge you 7 cents per copy.

Like Best Value, they’ll ship free if your order total is over $125. Along with the places mentioned above, there are various other places you may be able to get copies made.

Various Other Copy Locations

There are a few other locations where you can make copies.

15. Your Local Post Office

Some U.S. post office locations do offer copy services. I’ve found that the number of locations that offer this service is dwindling over time.

Call or stop into your local post office to see if they offer copying services. You’ll need to check with individual offices to find prices as well.

16. Your Local Community Center

Some cities and towns have community centers. All community centers vary on the types of services they offer.

Some community centers have large recreational and gathering places, such as water parks. Others are more simplified and have minimal services for residents.

Check with your local community center to see if they offer copy services for residents.

17. Your Bank or Credit Union

Some banks and credit unions offer copy services. In my experience, I’ve found that smaller banks and credit unions are more likely to provide this service than larger bank companies.

Check with your local bank or credit union for more information.

18. Local Colleges and Universities

Are you a student at a local college or university? If so, check with your student office to see if they’ll make copies for you. Many schools provide this service for free to students.

19. Hotels

Many hotels – especially larger chains – have business centers that hotel guests can use. They often have access to public computers, copy services and more.

Check with the front desk or on the hotel’s website to see if they offer copy services.

20. Apartment Complex Management Offices

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get copies made at the on-site management office of your apartment complex. Typically, this service is only available at higher-end rental properties.

But all services at apartment complexes vary, so check with your on-site management office to see if they offer copy services.

You have another option for copies too – and delivered right to your home: Online copy websites.

21. Your Own Home

You could potentially get a copy machine to have at your home for cheap. I bought one on sale last year for $99. It’s a copier and has scanning capabilities as well.

I do make a lot of copies for work and homeschooling purposes. For this reason, I found it was cheaper to own an inexpensive copier than it is to run to Office Max or similar stores several times a week.

If you find you need copies a lot, it might just be cheaper for you to buy an inexpensive copy machine. Note: you may be able to find a good used one on Craigslist too.

Just be sure you know what you’re buying. Try and find one from a source that is simply needing to upgrade their copier.

Now, onto some places you may be able to get copies made for free.

Free Copies Near You

Depending on where you live and what your connections are, you may be able to get free copies. Here are some ideas for getting free copies near you.

22. Friends and Family Members

Do you have friends or family members that live close by? Do they have a copy machine available? If so, why not ask if you can use it?

I wouldn’t do this on a regular basis unless you get approval beforehand. Also, if you do use someone else’s copier regularly, consider buying them paper and ink on occasion.

However, if you just need copies once in a while, I’m betting most people would be glad to help you out.

23. Your Place of Employment

Does your place of employment have a copy machine? If so, would they let you use it on occasion? I know my place of employment is happy to let employees use the copy machine for free.

Again, as long as you’re not abusing the machine, you could gain copying privileges.

24. Your Local Church or Religion Institution

Do you have a church or religious institution you attend regularly? If so, they may be willing to let you make copies at their office on occasion.

Check with church staff by stopping in or calling to find out if they offer this service to members.


As you can see, you have many options for potentially getting copies made near you. Not all options will work for all people.

However, it’s certain that at least some of these options will work for every person. Where do you go to get copies made? Have you used any of the suggestions listed here? Feel free to share your experiences on our Facebook page.