Have you found yourself needing some extra money and type in “best consignment shops near me” but aren’t really sure where to start?

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

If you want to find the best consignment shops near you, first decide if you want brick and mortar or go the online route. Thanks to the internet, there are more options than ever to help you get more money for your gently worn clothes and accessories.

Depending on where you live and what type of transportation you have, online might be a better option. Here are the best in-person and online consignment shops near you.

Brick-and-Mortar Consignment Stores

If you choose to go to an in person consignment shop, here are some of my top tips when heading in:

  • Go on weekdays. The wait can get long on weekends and it’s not the most fun way to spend your days off.
  • Only take clothes that have a good chance of getting sold by bringing brand name and designer stuff in good condition.
  • Find items in season to increase your chances of selling.
  • Bring your ID (as you must be 18 or older).

Each consignment shop is different in terms of payment. Some will offer you cash instantly or others will give you a portion of the clothes if they sell. And if you choose store credit instead of cash you usually get a higher percentage.

1. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is good option that buys your stuff upfront and gives you cash or store credit for your apparel and accessories. One perk they have over Plato’s closet is that they have physical locations and can send in using prepaid UPS shipping as well. Have an in person and online option is a huge perk.

Their main requirements are to focus on current trends, vintage, one-of-a-kind, designer, and nice denim. If you don’t feel like going in or it’s too far away you can also call and ask for a quote over the phone. Plus, you can always ship it to them if one isn’t in your state.

2. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is one of the best consignment shops and focuses primarily on young adult clothing and accessories. They are similar to Buffalo Exchange and are in person only so you will have to see if there is a location near you.

Plato’s Closet will give you cash instantly or store credit. No commissions with them! But you might not get as much as you thought as I’ve personally used them before. I was very underwhelmed with the quoted value and decided to go elsewhere.

But, if you have some good designer stuff you no longer wear, this is an easy way to trade in for cash. And if you want to buy stuff from there in the future, store credit is more than cash as well.

3. Well Suited

Well Suited is a consignment shop that also owns My Sisters Closet and My Sister’s Attic. They have locations in Arizona and California to help you sell your stuff. Before you try to sell, make sure your clothes meet the three C’s: cute brand-name designer items, clean, and current. If they approve, you generally get 45-55% of the item’s value depending on if you choose cash or store credit.

4. Crossroads Trading

Crossroads Trading is located in seven states in the US and has a great buying process compared to some of the other consignment shops on the list. When you walk in, you sign in on an iPad and wait until an associate can help you. They will then sift through your stuff and look for designer stuff and in season apparel.

Another perk of Crossroads Trading is that they have mail-in service like Buffalo Exchange. You can go online and request a pre-labeled bag for your stuff. Once you send it off, it’s usually between 7-14 days before they’ll give you an estimated payout. Like most consignment shops, it’s between 30-50% depending on if you take a check or store credit.

5. Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child is a consignment shop that accepts footwear, clothing, toys, and furniture for children up to age 20 years. If it’s in style and in great shape, this is another great option to get cash for your stuff.

While they are open 7-days a week, I recommend booking a specific time in advance as well. This way you’re not wasting time until someone can check out your stuff.

6. Style Encore

Style Encore is like others on this list that buys clothes for cash on the spot. They are looking for designer apparel, especially women’s clothing and handbags. If they like it, you can get paid instantly!

7. Wasteland

Wasteland is a consignment shop that is located in San Francisco and Los Angeles only. They offer more unique, one-off type clothing but always looking for designer apparel as well. They are in person only so expect a bit of a waiting depending on when you visit. Expect to get about 35% of the total price in cash or store credit if you choose.

8. Beacon’s Closet

Beacon’s Closet is another popular consignment shop but is only located in the New York area. According to various reviews, they pay some of the highest percentages of any stores on this list.

If you want to sell your stuff, make sure it’s gently used, clean, and in excellent overall condition. If you’re in a time crunch you can also drop them off and return later to see what sold and what didn’t. And if you want to just get rid of your stuff you can also provide them with donations as well.

9. Local Consignment Shops

The shops previously listed are bigger chains but none of them are in more than ten states. So if you’re on Google looking for “best consignment shops near me” you might some find good local places as well.

While sometimes you’ll get results for the Salvation Army or Goodwill, using Yelp and searching “consignment shops” is a way to find a local place. Make sure to call the store to confirm before actually heading in.

Online Consignment Stores

Thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to get extra money for your old clothes and accessories. Plus, it’s often times easier than finding a location, driving, waiting in line, and seeing if anything is worth money. Now, with online consignment sites, you can send them your stuff or sell directly online.

Here are some of the best online consignment shops:

10. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app and website that lets you buy and sell gently used clothes and accessories online.  To sell, all you need to do is take a picture and post it directly on the app. It’s around $7 to post it on the marketplace and they take 20% of the final sale.

If you’re selling designer clothes or accessories, this is a great deal! Cheaper items that are under $15 or so is only $3 to list.

Plus, they take care of all of the payments and make shipping it to the buyer super easy. They will send you a shipping label and once the buyer “accepts” the item, you get paid.

11. Grailed

Grailed is a marketplace to buy and sell luxury clothes and accessories. But you can also sell less fancy and expensive stuff as well. You get to price your own stuff and don’t have to deal with them pricing it too low like other sites.

If you’re a little worried about selling your stuff online, Grailed gets rid of a ton of that fear by offering buyer and seller protection with Paypal. Plus, they also have their own internal process on order disputes as well.

Unlike Poshmark, Grailed has a bidding system in addition to setting an asking price and accepting offers from buyers. Plus, you also have the option to accept multiple offers at once and ship to whoever pays you first. This helps create urgency and get your stuff sold!

After PayPal fees, Grailed takes a 6% cut which is drastically less than any in person or online consignment shops I found.

12. The RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury consignment shop for both men and women. It’s all about authenticity for clothes, jewelry, and other designer accessories. In fact, they are very strict when it comes to people trying to sell knockoffs on the site.

According to the website, “Realreal reserves “the right to confiscate the item and destroy it in compliance with all laws.” They have trained professionals to spot fakes (include gemologist and apparel experts) to make sure it’s 100% authentic.

All items listed must pass a thorough multi-point inspection before it’s made available online. If the strict site does accept and sells your stuff, you get up to 70% of the selling price. But if your item sells for less than $120, you only get 55%. Make sure you go here first if you have high-priced, 100% authentic stuff to sell online.

13. Menswear Market

Menswear Market isn’t your standard consignment shop. They go above and beyond to provide a personalized service for every client who wants to use their site. It will help make the process easier by taking out some of the guesswork by having services like photography, copywriting, packaging, and more.

Menswear Market can sell your pieces in several places. They can use their own website or sites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay and more. So if you’re not ultra tech savvy this is a good way to sell your used stuff online.

If you’re in Minneapolis or St. Paul they will pick up your stuff for free or offer prepaid shipping labels for people in the other 49 states. If they sell your items, you get 50% of the net sale price which is paid monthly via check. And according to some other reviewers, it can take some time to get the check compared by others offering Paypal.

14. Swap

Swap is another spot to sell your clothing and get paid a percentage of the sales price after an item sells. They accept new and pre-owned clothes as well as toys and games for babies and kids. Plus, they also sell maternity clothes, sports gear, movies, and more.

As an online consignment shop, they make it easy to send your stuff in with free shipping. First-time sellers of Swap can only mail one box of clothing and repeat sellers can send up to three boxes each month. Once accepted, you can choose to sell your clothing or accessories with a fixed price or auction style.

As far as payment goes, you can get a cash payment or store credit for a higher payout. One perk to using Swap is the low rejection rate. They only reject about 20% of everything shipped in, they give you 14 days to decide to donate or have your old stuff shipped back. Anything shipped back is $5.99.

15. thredUP

thredUP is the world’s largest consignment and thrift store. You can buy and sell clothing for women (including maternity wear) and kids only. Sorry guys!

Ready to sell your stuff? Check out the “Clean Out” section on the menu bar. Their “Clean Out Kit” consists of three different options:

  • Free Donation Bag: This is 100% free but you also won’t get any cash for your stuff. Whatever thredUP doesn’t take, they will donate to charity.
  • Free Standard Bag: Like other consignment shops, whatever items thredUP accepts, you get paid for. The remaining items will be sent back to you but could take up to three weeks.
  • Expedited Bag: This service is $16 and like the previous one, you get paid for the items thredUP accepts. The extra fee makes sure you get all remaining items returned much quicker than normal. Usually your stuff is returned within a week so you can try to sell at a physical location or another online shop.

Sellers payment is between 5-80% depending on the final cost of your time. They offer a payout estimator to help give you a clue about what your stuff should sell for and how much money you will make.

16. Linda’s Stuff

Unlike thredUp, Linda’s Stuff isn’t just for women’s clothing and accessories. Guys also have the option of selling gently used clothing and accessories online. The selection is huge and ranges from shoes, formal wear, everyday clothes, and designer options as well.

Linda’s Stuff has a great slogan for luxury retail buyers. They are based on the belief that “high fashion and high quality do not have to accompany high price tags.” So if you have some fancy handbags, heels or formal wear, Linda’s Stuff is another great place to sell them.

Once you send items in, they set a sales price based on past items with a seven-day auction. If it doesn’t sell they will use a set price on the next time around. They pay sellers each month and take a sliding commission based on how much you sell.

Here’s the pricing setup:

  • 20% of sales over $5,000
  • 25% of sales between $1,000 and $4,999
  • 38% of sales under $1,000

The listing managers work to relist unsold items to find just the right buyer, and the site states, “Most of our clients will see 100% of their items sell within one year.”

17. eBay

eBay is the last place on this list of best consignment shops but also one of the best. In fact, eBay has been a great way to make money online for nearly two decades! I started a long time and still love using eBay to sell old clothes, household items and so much more.

If you’re new to selling on eBay, you get 50 free listings each month. If your item sells, eBay takes a 10% cut. Depending on what type of features and listings you create, there might be a few add on fees as well.

You can list your items with a traditional auction style or use the “Buy it now” features. I personally use Buy it now for a price I want to sell the item at and can always lower if I haven’t gotten traction after a few days.

And getting paid with eBay is super simple with Paypal. There are tons of buyer and seller protections to make sure you’re safe transacting online. Of all the auction sites out there, eBay is my personal favorite way to get rid of stuff around the house.

Summary of Best Consignment Shops

As you can tell, there is no shortage of places to sell your stuff online or in person. Depending on your tech savviness and what you’re offering, I recommend using a combination of both on and offline consignment shops.

If you aren’t in a rush to get things sold, go the online route so you can work with companies that can get the most for your product. And if you’re selling stuff to consignment shops and don’t like the price they offer, make sure to shop around. Or, even go back to that shop in a few months as seasonality and trends change.

What’s your favorite consignment shop or online service to get rid of used clothes or accessories? Let us know in the comments!