Andrew Frankel’s Net Worth in 2019

by Laurie Blank | Last Updated: August 8, 2019

Andrew Frankel may not be a household name quite yet. However, the powerful businessman is fast becoming a celebrity, in large part, thanks to his wife.

Just who is Andrew Frankel, how much is he worth and who is the famous wife that thrust him into the Hollywood spotlight?  

Who is Andrew Frankel?

Andrew Frankel was destined for greatness from birth, thanks to his successful father. Andrew’s father, Stuart Frankel, owns a powerful New York-based brokerage firm that’s been making clients rich since it opened in the early 1970s.  

His son, Andrew, joined the firm in the early 1990s, after earning a degree in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. He plays a sizable role in the business, functioning as Director, Treasurer, Co-President and Secretary of the firm. And while Andrew has made quite the name (and net worth) for himself in the investment business, he’s expanded his reputation to include “husband of a famous actress.”

In October 2015, Frankel married Blue Bloods actress Bridget Moynahan. If that name sounds familiar, it might be because Moynahan is the mother of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s oldest son.

Moynahan and Brady dated from 2004 to 2006. As their relationship was coming to a close, Moynahan discovered she was pregnant. She gave birth to her only child (to date) and Brady’s oldest son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Brady is reportedly very involved in his oldest son’s life and spends time with him frequently.

Although some report Moynahan and Brady’s breakup was less than amicable, Moynahan has long moved on. Today, Frankel and Moynahan work hard to retain a cordial relationship with Brady and his wife, model Gisele Bundchen, to raise Moynahan’s son with Brady as a family.

Andrew Frankel met Moynahan through friends at an undisclosed time, keeping their relationship quiet. The couple got married in 2015, in an intimate ceremony in the Hamptons. They currently reside in New York, where Frankel helps run his family’s brokerage firm.

Along with Moynahan’s son, they also help raise Andrew’s three sons from a previous marriage.

Andrew Frankel’s Net Worth

Andrew Frankel likes to keep his private life somewhat quiet, and he and Moynahan have remained out of the public eye as much as possible. Frankel’s net worth is undisclosed, but it’s safe to say he’s comfortably in the “millionaire” club.

After twenty-plus years of helping run a large New York investment firm, we’re pretty sure he’s doing quite well financially.

His wife, actress Bridget Moynahan, has a disclosed net worth of $25 million as of 2018. So between the two of them, they’re likely living a pretty financially comfortable life.

Some sources report Andrew’s father’s company, Stuart Frankel & Co., as being worth over $4 billion. Estimated reports of Andrew’s personal net worth come in between $1 million and $70 million – quite the disparity. However, those are online website claims from various sites and are unsubstantiated.

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Andrew Frankel’s Wife is More Popular Than He Is

You’d be hard pressed to find out much information about Andrew Frankel. He tends to keep his life pretty private. However, his wife, being a popular actress, has had her share of public news stories.

Her very public two-plus year relationship with New England Patriots long-time quarterback Tom Brady made the public eye often. When they broke up near the end of 2006, Tom Brady started dating world-famous model Gisele Bundchen soon afterward.

Moynahan revealed her pregnancy in early 2007, which threw a bit of a wrench into both Moynahan’s and Brady’s plans to go their separate ways. In fact, Bundchen almost ended her relationship with Brady because of the pregnancy.

Eventually, Bundchen and Brady would marry (they now have a son and daughter of their own), and Brady and Moynahan would find a groove in which they could raise their son in a friendly manner together.

Moynahan’s ongoing fame as a lead character in the long-running TV series Blue Bloods means lots of spotlight time for Frankel. However, he prefers to live his life privately when he can. And humbly. Well, as humbly as you can with a multi-million dollar net worth.

No Wedding Gifts, Please

For their wedding, Frankel and Moynahan were conscious of the fact that they don’t lack for anything. In lieu of gifts, the couple asked for their guests to donate to a non-profit organization called The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp was founded in 1988 by actor Paul Newman. He wanted to give children with various illnesses a chance to “raise a little hell.”

Children from all over who have serious illnesses attend the camp to participate in a variety of activities. Some of the activities the camp offers include horseback riding, archery, fishing, theater arts and more.

I’m sure the generous donations by attendees of the Frankel-Moynahan wedding will make a significant impact on the kids attending the camp.


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